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WIP France 2017

Join us for a 3 months WIP School internship in the South of France.

1. Dates:

6 September 2018 - 13 December 2018

2. Where:

YWAM-Cevennes, Vézenobres, Gard, France

3. What does WIP stand for?:

W = Worship

I = Intercession

P = Prophetic

Worship, intercession and the prophetic can not be separated from each other. Worship develops intimacy with God and Gods heart in us. Prayer maintains the relationship of intimacy with God and the prophetic develops our ability to hear Gods voice. When we carry the heart of God we become intercessors between God and man. To bring Gods kingdom and do His will we have to be able to follow His direction. Through the prophetic our intercession becomes powerful and our words and declarations carry power to impact the earth and bring Gods kingdom.

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