WIP School

6 Sept – 13 December 2018 

Nesting and training the eagles…


W = Worship
I   = Intercession
P  = Prophetic

Worship and intercession are foundational for growing in the prophetic. The foundation needs to be solid and established at the same time as people grow in the prophetic. We cannot seperate the three. Thus said, we want to see people established in the prophetic and develop their gifting to go into their destiny, become mature in their calling and not be tossed to and fro by all that hinders coming into the fullness.

The WIP school is a 3 month journey of learning to move and walk with the Holy Spirit in a family setting.

54. The purpose of the school:

–   Develop prophetic people who have a strong foundation in worship and intercession.

–   Progress into your destiny.

–   Become mature and steadfast in your calling.

5. Training in the following subjects:

5.1 Prophetic

–   The gifts of the Holy Spirit

–   Foundations of the prophetic

–   Prophesying over individuals

–   Prophesying into cities and nations

–   The prophetic heritage of France

–   Prophetic actions

5.2 Intercession:

–   Foundations of intercession

–   Praying into nations and cities

–   Intercession and the prophetic

5.3 Worship:

–   Lifestyle of worship

–   Foundations of worship

–   Free worship

–   Prophetic worship

–   Worship and intercession

5.4 One on one mentoring:

–   Regular discussion and prayers with a mentor(staff) or in groups

–   Dealing with rejection, criticism, insecurity, opposition etc.

–   Wisdom in functioning in the prophetic

–   and more

6. Location:

The WIP-training will be done in an area in the south of France called the Cevennes. This area was known for a major prophetic movement in the past. Participate in the restoration of the prophetic heritage of the Cevennes and France.

7. Language:

English and French

8. Structure of the school:

–   A 3 months internship

–   Training and teaching by permanent staff

–   Monthly guest teachers mature in their field of ministry

–   Extensive practical training in WIP on the base and in the region

–   International ministry trips (Involvement in outreaches with OCE (www.oceprayer.com) and YWAM Europe Tabernacle of Prayer)

8.1 Opportunities after the 3 months internship:

–   An extended time of living in a community of worship, intercession and prophetic for 2018

–   Participate in ministry trips during 2018

9. Costs:

9.1 Basic school costs:

Approximately €400 per month consisting of:

9.1.1 Lodging:

–   Approximately €150 per month

–   Private lodging available at 2 properties in Vezenobres:

9.1.2 Food:

–   Approximately €150 per month

–   All grocery shopping and preparation of food is the responsibility of each individual

–   Communal grocery purchase and cooking is encouraged

9.1.3. Speakers:

–   Approximately €100 per month:

–  €50 speaker fee (travel cost)

–  €50offering

9.2 Ministry trips:

–   Approximately €400 per month:

–  €250 travel expenses

–  €150 food and accommodation

–   This price will vary greatly according to travel cost and accommodation secured

–   All students will be responsible for booking and paying their own flight tickets

–   Students will learn to hear from God and stand in faith for the costs. “Where God guides, He provides”

9.3 Estimated costs per month:

Lodging: €150

Food: €150

Teacher: €50

Offering: €50

Ministry trip travel cost: €250

Lodging and food during ministry trip: €150

Total per month: €800

Total cost for the 3 months school: €2 400

9.4 Deposit:

€200 before 15 August 2018. This includes registration fee and local transport in the area for ministry.

Account information:

Jeunesse en Mission Cevennes
IBAN: FR23 2004 1010 0910 6567 1J03 088


Reference: WIP

Address of bank:La banque postal, Montpellier, France

10. Contact us:

Feel free to contact us for more information


Jeunesse en Mission Cevennes:
395 route du Mas David
F-30360 Vezenobres

E-mail: jem7wip@gmail.com