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Du 2 au 10 novembre, 2019, 8 jours de louange, intercession et la prophétie par des specialistes et d’authorité dans leur domaines.
La fromation se fait dans le centre Val de l’Hort à Anduze :
Adresse:Val de l’Hort, 1050 Chemin Bas
30140 Anduze, France

Inscription et installation à 14 h le 2 nov et la première session à 15 h. La fin est après le déjeuner le 10 novembre.

Information LIP 2019 : WIP Intensive 2019 Information French

Bio des orateurs : Anita Giovannoni, Paul Bevan, Leon Coetzee, André Coetzee et Henning Schikora

Traduction va venir:

Anita is known for her in depth prophetic teaching and strong directional words. She is married to Leonard Giovannoni, and has two sons, a daughter, son in law, and two lovely grandchildren.

Anita Giovanonnoni, founder of Crocus Ministries, is a credible prophetic voice within our nation today. She has a proven prophetic ministry spanning a number of years. Her passion is to equip the Body of Christ in terms of the prophetic. She has developed The Academy of Prophecy, which focuses on prophetic training at different levels. These schools are very popular and attended by people all over the world. Anita’s very natural, unpretentious prophetic manner create an ideal environment in which Biblical prophetic principles can be communicated, imparted and practiced with the greatest of ease. She is a highly sought after speaker at Prophetic Conferences, nationally and internationally. She has also developed a range of resources centred on prophetic ministry and written many books. We are in no doubt that you will certainly be impacted positively and be catapulted to a new degree of accuracy and power within the realm of the prophetic through her ministry.

Anita has spear-headed the annual Prophets Round Table, with other seasoned prophets, to hear God for the nations. This has resulted in an annual publication of the book of these prophecies “God Said”.

Traduction à venir :

Andre Coetzee gave his life to the Lord at the age of 15, having a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit.
Since the age of six he started his training in music and the arts. He received his degree in Business Communication in 1995, specialising in Graphic Design and Audio-visual communication. He also studied drama, dance and theatre production over ’n period of 4 years at TOM Performing
Arts College and has been involved in many productions as writer, director, actor, dancer and choreographer.
He was an active member in his local congregation, Lewende Woord Bedieninge (Living Word Ministries, for 18 years, serving as sound engineer, video editor, homecell leader, youth leader, worship leader, prophetic team member and Bible school lecturer. He’s been part of various worship teams since 1994.
He received his prophetic training under the mentoring hand of Anita Giovannoni, president of Crocus ministries ( He has been involved in prophetic ministry since 2001. André was the visionary and co-founded of the WIP Initiative, established in 2004, which aims to bring together worshippers, intercessors, prophetic and apostolic people. He served as a core member of UPF (Unlimited Prayer Frontiers, from 2005 until 2011. He was part of and led many intercessory, prophetic and worship teams nationally and internationally.He has been a member of “The Prophets Round Table ( in South Africa since its inception in 2011. In 2016 Andre pioneered an annual WIP School in the south of France in partnership with Henning Schikora ( that raises up people in the prophetic, intercession and worship.
André is also an active member of the Company of Prophets South Africa ( André has ministered in many churches, conferences, seminars, YWAM bases and businesses in South Africa, Africa, Europe and the Americas, having a passion to reveal God’s heart to people
through training in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the prophetic, worship and the arts. He currently resides in Pretoria, South Africa.

Je suis norvégien et je suis parti à Jeunesse en Mission en 1983 et j’y suis resté jusqu’à maintenant.
Je suis arrivé à Paris en 1988, après avoir marché depuis la Norvège avec une croix de 4m de long. J’ai marché environ 20 000 km avec cette croix en Europe.
Je suis marié depuis 1990 à Nathalie, une française rencontrée à Jeunesse en Mission Paris.
Nous avons 4 enfants maintenant adultes, 2 garçons et 2 filles.
Nous vivons dans le sud de la France depuis 1995, dans les Cévennes où il y a eu un mouvement prophétique du temps des Huguenots. Depuis que nous sommes arrivés, nous avons prié, ainsi que beaucoup d’autres, pour déboucher ce puits prophétique et maintenant il coule. Nous organisons une formation LIP (louange-intercession-prophétique) chez nous pour voir des personnes établies dans le prophétique et pour voir aussi ce puits prophétique être une bénédiction pour les nations:
A Jeunesse en Mission, nous faisons beaucoup de choses différentes. Je viens de finir un projet-un mandat du Seigneur, d’aller et de prier dans toutes les 52 capitales européennes, pour les gouvernements en particulier et la nation en général. Cela a pris 7 ans:
Je dirige aussi le réseau de prière pour Jeunesse en Mission Europe:

Traduction à venir:

Paul is a professional animal scientist by trade and is very involved in this profession in South Africa, having served as President of the South African Society for Animal Science. He graduated in 1984 from the University of Pretoria with a BSc (Agric) Animal Science. He then spent 4 years as a farmer on their family farms before joining a Veterinary Practise in 1988 as a consulting Animal Scientist. Together they owned businesses of which one was a retail concern with products for the farming and pet community. This business changed hands to new owners in 2008. He also acquired and still owns a pet grooming business. He still consults/advises in the field of business.

He is based in a town called Middelburg in Mpumalanga Province, in the North-east of South Africa where he oversees his parents’ (retired) farms as well as other business ventures and consultancy. Paul has lived here since 1988 and this is where his active church life started. He was pastor and leader of a church here from 1996 to April 2000 before moving on to his involvement in the prophetic ministry under Anita Giovannoni through Crocus Ministries in Pretoria, South Africa of whom he is a trustee ( He loves the foundational ministries of prophetic and apostolic teams and has ministered in many places in South Africa and Africa, including countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Congo (DRC), and abroad in Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Portugal, UK, Ukraine, Sweden and USA. His purpose and joy is to mature the saints by activating them to do the work of the ministry. He is a member of the Prophets Round table in South Africa who publish an annual book called “God Said”. He is also one of the facilitators of the Company of Prophets in Southern Africa. ( Paul was born in 1961.

Traduction à venir :

Leon Coetzee has been in fulltime prayer ministry in Pretoria, since 2000 and has a passion for prayer and intercession. He believes that strategic Spirit led prayer has the ability to impact and transform nations.
He is married to Corline (since 1997) and has three children. Two boys, 17 and 12 years old and a girl aged 11.

Leon’s ministry is focussed on teaching and training believers in Bible based prayer and intercession. He wrote and compiled the “Academy of Prayer” course (3 modules) in 2005 and has since then been teaching local believers, helping hundreds of Christians to grow in their prayer walk with God.

Leon has gained much experience and insight into praying for nations and has been involved in strategic prayer teams into other nations from 1998. Since 2001 he has participated and coordinated yearly prayer and ministry teams to France under the banner of “United Prayer for France (South Africa)” – a network that was established in 2005 to raise op South African believers, especially of Huguenot descent, to commit to minister into and pray for the nation of France.
He has also been involved in coordinating prayer in and for the city of Pretoria since 1999. Presently he coordinates a bi-monthly prayer group called: the “Pretoria Prayer Force”.

Voici un rêve prophétique d’Ulrike Moosmann, une responsable prophétique en Allemagne:

J’ai eu un rêve et dans ce rêve je voyais la formation LIP intensive, la semaine pendant laquelle elle avait lieu et l’endroit où elle avait lieu. Je sentais que Dieu donnait une très grande importance à cette LIP intensive. Dans mon rêve cette formation était vraiment mise en relief, soulignée par Dieu. Elle était mise en relief pour un certain groupe de personnes. C’était un groupe de personnes prophétiques, mûres qui se développait. Et je voyais qu’au-travers de ces 10 jours, le but de Dieu était de les équiper pour les amener à un niveau plus haut, afin qu’elles puissent exercer un ministère avec beaucoup plus d’autorité qu’avant. Et je voyais aussi qu’au-travers de cette LIP intensive, des personnes de différentes nations se réunissaient et que Dieu créait de l’unité mais aussi qu’Il construisait, donnait de la puissance et envoyait pour que des choses commencent à un nouveau niveau. Et je voyais que ce serait un temps unique en France où Dieu agissait dans un temps très court et que ça continuerait avec ce niveau là dans les lieux, les environnements, les villes et nations d’où les personnes venaient et même dans d’autres nations.

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