For 2024 : June 2 at 3 pm to June 8 at noon !

At Gagnieres: 500 chemin du moulin 30160 Gagnières, France

For the nations of Huguenot descent to build relationships, pray, prophecy and worship to see the prophetic heritage restored.
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Organised by YWAM-Cevennes :

Programme :

We start Sunday at 3 pm and finish Saturday at noon.
You can arrive long before and stay later. You will need to check that with Gagnières.

We will have what we call WIP-sessions (Worship, Intercession and Prophecy).
The Huguenot nations will share briefly concerning the spiritual history and where they are at today, also prophetically.
Then we will have a WIP-session for that nation.

Sunday 2 June at 3-5 pm: Welcome, introduction and explanations for the week.
Sunday 8-10 pm: WIP-session for the prophetic wells

Monday 3 June at 9-12 am: Worship and teaching.
There will be a break in the 3-hour morning sessions.
Monday 8-10 pm: WIP-session for South Africa

Tuesday 4 June at 9-12 am: Worship and teaching.
8-10 pm: WIP-session for the Netherlands

Wednesday 5 June at 9-12 am: WIP-session for the USA and teaching.
8-10 pm: WIP-session for Germany

Thursday 6 June at 9:30 am to 5 pm: Organised visits to places in the area like the Desert Museum,
Montèze or other places of interest for the Huguenot history.
Thursday 8-10 pm: WIP-session for Switzerland.

Friday 7 June at 9-12 am: WIP-session for the United Kingdom and teaching.
8-10 pm: WIP-session for France.

Saturday 8 June at 9-12 am: Worship, testimonies and sending out.

There might be some workshops or activities organised in some afternoons. To be decided.


Registration :

You need to register on the website of Gagnières as they are dealing with the food and accommodation on their site.

The conference fee is € 50,-

The food : You can reserve your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or you can decide to make your own food

The accommodation varies if you sleep in a tent on site, a room, mobile home, trailer, caravan or camping car.

Here’s the registration sheet :

Registration Form (Excel Spreadsheet)

When you have filled it out, please save it, and send it to:

You fill out the registration, but we have to confirm with you that the lodging you want is available. So, you will hear from us a.s.a.p. after your registration.

If you have some questions (in english) please write to :