Huguenot prophetic highways

Building prophetic huguenot highways between Cevennes, France and the 7 main nations of refuge

Historical Background:

The Catholics gave them the nickname : Huguenots. There was a lot of tension and some religious wars on and off for the next 150 years. The reformation movement became so strong that the Catholic king, Louis XIV, saw it as a threat. In 1685 he decreed that it was forbidden to be Protestant. The pastors had 2 weeks to leave the country, men were put on slave boats, women were put in prison and the children separated from their families to be reeducated in Catholic convents. The ones that weren’t sent to these places were badly treated. The persecution was very intense and from that moment even more huguenots fled the country. There were 7 main nations that became the nations of refuge : Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Canada, USA and South Africa.

Following this, 2 years later in 1687 that the prophetic movement started. It started with children and spread like wild fire. I have not heard about anything in church history that had such a strong prophetic movement. It stayed pure for 15 years under persecution until 1702 when the Camisard War started.

When the king died in 1715, a church leader came out of hiding and called for a synod to restructure the church. In that synod, they decided :

  • children and women were not allowed to speak in church (they were the ones prophesing the most).
  • prophecy was forbidden
  • the Holy Spirit was forbidden

Following these decrees, the prophetic movement began to die out.

The restoration we are seeing today:

We had some breakthrough in 2004, but since we started the prophetic school in 2016, the prophetic wells are running much more. There is a definate flow that has begun. So we praise the Lord for that and rejoice in the restoration He is doing.

South African prayer teams have come to France every year since 2001 to prepare the way and followed up by sending prophets to help. There is already a prophetic highway being built between South Africa and France. In Aug/Sept 2019 we had 13 french believers going to South Africa for that purpose. We are looking to build highways that move people both directions.

But God wants to restore all the prophetic highways between the 7 nations of refuge and France, for the fuller restoration of the prophetic well. In July 2019 we had a prophetic team of 10 people coming from Holland and in March 2-8, 2020 we will go with a team from France to Holland for the same purpose of building the prophetic highway between these nations.

We had a powerful time of prayer into the highways during the WIP-intensive in Nov 2019. After this we decided to take to Switzerland and Germany.

So May 4-14 we will take a team of about 20 people to open up the prophetic highways on the border of Switzerland/France and Germany/France.

Jan 9-20, there will be a small team going to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and to the Huguenot street in New Paltz, NY, to start building on the American highway.

So, we already have teams who have started to work on the vision for this restoration to South Africa, Swizerland, Germany, Holland and the USA. So, things are really moving quickly. We will see how, God will develop these prophetic highway. We envision to work on this the next 10-20 years. It will take time and there will be many people needed. But we will walk by faith in what we believe God is about to do.
It’s all for His glory.

Henning Schikora
For YWAM-Cevennes

Events and journeys linked to this vision. :

If you click on the flags, the infos for those nations are marked.

January 9-20: Trip to the United States in Pittsburgh (PA), Lancaster New Paltz (NY) with a team of 3 people to build relationships and share the vision.

March 2 -8 : A trip to Bunschuten, Amersfort et the surrounding areas with a team of 9 people.

April 8 – 14 : A team of 6 people coming to visit us from Jerusalem.

May 4 – 14 : A team from South-Africa is coming and together with a french group, we will go to the Switzerland and Germany to pray with christians from those nations and work on God’s vision together.

June 4 – 16 : A trip to South-Africa (more info to come)

Great Britain