Prophetic highway Nederlands - France

The adventure of this vision started in the end of July with 10 dutch people who came for 8 days to share, pray, worship and fellowship. There were good barbecues in the evenings. Through this event we got in contact with the dutch who run a Sunday evening service in the reformed church here during the summer holidays. There are thousands of dutch people who come here every year and they have a special church service in dutch. With the connexion now, we can together pray and work for the restoration of the spiritual heritage in the Cevennes.

Here are projects that were done for that purpose :

2023 :

January 5-12 : Team of 3 minister in a prophetic gathering in the South of Nederlands and then Amsterdam.

April 23-29 : A team of 5 to Amsterdam.

2022 :

April 22-29 : The Nederlands, mostly near Rijssen for 4 days, but also Heidebeek and Amersfoort with 5 people.

May 23-30 : Amsterdam, the Nederlands with 5 people

2020 :

March 2 -8 : A trip to Bunschuten, Amersfort et the surrounding areas with a team of 9 people.